I've designed over 40 websites to this point, above is a handful of some of those. 
I've got plenty of positive referrals for my wide-array of services.

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All of my websites are: 
[x] Unlimited Space/Storage

[x] Mobile Friendly / Responsive (visible on all devices)

[x] Integrated to Social Media for easy sharing

[x] Come with 24/7 customer support (via myself, and the hosting company)

[x] They are also 'cloud based' meaning all of your content is online for easy access on any device for updates, meaning you have freedom to update and maintain it from anywhere.

[x] They are very User Friendly & Low Maintenance so the admin/client(you) don't become overwhelmed or need to learn programming & coding.

[x] You can 'password protect' any page as well, and hide pages so you have limited visibility or can give extended visibility to certain areas and/or people. (This feature is great if you don't want people stealing your ideas)

[x] SEO (search engine optimization) -- so people can easily find you through online search engines such as bing, google, yahoo, etc..

[x] All site features/hosting & updates cost 10.00 a month (payment to media temple/godaddy) which mind you is better then paying for individual hosting & bandwith, you have unlimited space and the site will never slow down. (Your first year is included in the total cost of the site)
[x] There are many other benefits, but I think that's good enough for now.